During the process, I had faced several limitations due to the physical state of the materials. Yes, I know I said there are no limitations in design however the dealing with physical materials requires you to think about the substances’ physicality's.

My biggest ambition about this thesis was being able to include my family, what I value the most, and the environment we belong to. Going back to 1962 indeed to industrial revolution where everything started at first made me feel powerful, I felt like I carried the past to today. I had the bargain of the all the metal waste ever produced over my shoulders. It was a pleasure for me.

I want my thesis to become a coffee table book, but from the ones that are read, that inspires and aware people of what we can do both for the environment and design.

Overall, this has been an unforgettable journey for me. I hope you will too feel the same as you go through this book.

Love, Izgi


I think it all started when I realized that I can present whatever I believe in. In my life, everything was a task for me assigned by someone else since I started my Bachelor degree before this project. However this is different. Everything about this thesis is about my background. For the first in a long time I get the chance to assign something that would really represent who I am in real.

My aim is to create awareness on industrial waste. How waste today is managed, effect- ing our environment and what it’s impact on people, but most importantly how can we use in the world of design. I believe that world of design is unlimited, since it is created by unlimited imagination of individuals. Design is art. A force that comes into our lives without any rules, expectations and limitations. So I combined metal scraps, known as metal waste with both concrete and polyester separately. These designs that are created can be used in any sector of design. They are durable, strong and sustainable products that are suitable for any circumstance.

What I did consists of pouring concrete or plastic over metal scraps produced at our family factory. I used different sizes of templates, changed the density of scraps: increased and decreased the amount; added different materials found in the nature like rocks, in order to create a variety of collection.

Design is art.
A force that comes into our lives without any rules,

expectations and limitations.

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